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Free, open-source software, for your pleasure!
Latest version is 1.1 (Build 400)
Released .


No installation required, just extract and run.
Wizznic_lin_build_400.tar.bz2 (23.2 MiB) - x86_64 and x86_32


No installation required, just extract and run. (25.6 MiB)

Source Code

Want/need to compile it yourself? Here you go!
If you port or improve something, let me know :) - Official source repository - Android port


As easy as dropping the file on your SD card.
Wizznic_pandora_build_380.pnd (0)
Thanks to Farox!


Just unzip and place in game folder on your SD card. (0)


Drop into "/media/data/apps/" on your GCW-Zero
Wizznic_gcw0_build_380.opk (0)
Thanks to Zear!

Unofficial ports

Drop me a mail if you know of other Wizznic! ports.
These versions are not maintained by me and may be outdated!
 Amiga OS4
 Motorola ZN5, U9, E8, EM30, VE66, EM35
 Playstation Portable ( needs fresh port )

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